Dr. Kenneth Wyne Mutuma


Dr. Kenneth Wyne MutumaDr. Kenneth Wyne MutumaKen holds several academic qualifications including a Doctorate and Masters in Law from the University of Cape Town as well as law undergraduate degree from the University of Liverpool. He is a qualified Architect having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Nairobi. He has extensive senior management experience across local and international settings as well as practical knowledge of interdisciplinary issues. He is currently a part of a team attached to the State Corporations Advisory Committee, working to strengthen the capacity of boards and in their primary role of providing strategic role to the national state corporations.
Ken has and continues to serve as legal advisor to a range of international governments and corporate entities working to address various developmental challenges. Part of his accomplishments relate to the role he played as a regional legal advisor for the International Committee of the Red Cross, his engagements with the South African National Assembly as a legal coordinator and his work implementing a national capacity development programme on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. In addition to his responsibilities within the Firm, Ken finds fulfillment empowering upcoming students of law through his work as an academic with several universities including the University of Nairobi.