Ruth Mueni Muthui


Ms. Muthui holds a Master of Arts (M.A) degree in Environmental Law, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree, Post-graduate Diploma in Law and Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration.
Besides litigation, Ms. Muthui has extensive experience program management, legislative drafting and policy development. Previously, she worked at the Commission for Implementation of the Constitution as a Senior Program Officer and Legal Officer where she worked closely with National Executive, Parliament and Judiciary in developing laws, policies and administrative procedures to implement the Constitution. She has also worked at Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company as a Legal Officer and Laibuta Kamau & Co. Advocates.
Areas of expertise
• Civil and Criminal Litigation
• Commercial Arbitration and Litigation
• Constitutional Law (devolution, human rights,
access to justice and public finance)
• Legislative Drafting and Review
• Legal Audit
• Employment, Labor and Immigration Law
• Environment and Land Law
• Conveyancing
• Public Procurement Law